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Entertainment of Sunday, 16 September 2018


eShun schools Ghanaians who are against 'play 80% Ghanaian music' campaign

eShun, Afro Pop singer eShun, Afro Pop singer

Songstress eShun is educating Ghanaians who are against play 80% Ghanaian music to wake up from their sleep and know their history.

Play 80% Ghanaian music is the new campaign admoshing djs to play more Ghanaian music on air. Many people have shared their opinions on it, some industry players are against it and others too think its a good iniative.

Quophimens Music’s finest singer eShun who is in support of this iniative has penned down a very educative letter to alert those who have forgotten their history.

She writes;

“Jamaica is only 2.8 Million and their show of love (Demand) for their music is what drew the world’s attention to them and now Reggae and Dancehall is worldwide; Ghana is almost 30 Million in population. If even half of the 30 Million is made to listen to 80% of Ghanaian Music and grows to love and make the needed noise, the World will start listening and patronizing our music!

If Nana Ampadu, Bob Cole, Jerry Hansen and even the musicians before them, decided that they would wait to have better equipment before they record and serve people with music, we wouldn’t have any history from which we the current musicians would look on and learn. Imagine if Yamoas Band decided not to record Serwa Akoto because of the quality of production then, what a shame that would have been to posterity!

Those making the point that we should have quality before creating the demand by playing 80% Ghanaian Music are sleeping and need to wake from their slumber from lack of understanding of this issue.

There should be demand before quality! The demand and craze of Pataapa’s “One Corner” from Agona Swedru is what blew “One Corner” and make it popular among the almost 200 milion Nigerian population and evidently not the quality”.

eShun who is working on her debut album has released a new single titled “Akyia” after releasing “I Want”.