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Entertainment of Sunday, 31 May 2020


eShun is untrustworthy and a liar - Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

Ghanaian singer, Eshun Ghanaian singer, Eshun

Entertainment Analyst, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has expressed deep resentments over the conduct of Ghanaian music sensation, Eshun, who has recently set social media into a frenzy over revelations regarding her ex-manager, Stephen Mensah.

Singer Eshun's Instagram and other social media accounts have been seized by her ex-manager following their bitter separation and after estranging her manager, she granted an interview with Zionfelix disclosing how her ex-manager abused her.

According to the budding artiste, she never signed a contract with Stephen Mensah who managed and projected her music career in the past.

Explaining why there was no contractual agreement, she revealed her ex-manager who later became her boyfriend came with a promise to marry her and supported her career because they were in a romantic relationship.

The singer also happilly disclosed she cheated twice on her ex-manager in their love affair but didn't provide reasons why she decided to have sexual relations outside her relationship.

She further added that her ex-manager cum boyfriend was brutally abusive towards her.

These revelations by Eshun are however contrary to her previous interviews with the media where she had denied any amorous relationship with Stephen Mensah and also stated she had signed a five-year contract with him.

Juxtaposing the inconsistent statements made by Eshun, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo concludes the singer is an absolute liar and very deceitful.

To him, for Eshun to have earlier told Ghanaians and her fans that she had a contract and a professional relationship with her ex-manager and today make a U-turn to retract all her claims shows she's not trustworthy.

Arnold, speaking on 'Entertainment Review' on Peace FM, was extremely disppointed in the character and brand of Eshun, and demanded an apology from her.

“She lied to all of us a year ago that nothing of that sort was going on. You sat on a public radio, a public domain and medium and lied to us, that makes you a liar. What proves that all those revelations about the abuse were not also lies because you have a track record? A year ago, you denied being in a relationship but even if that's the case now, why didn't she apologize to Ghanaians?

“it could be what she is saying is true although I have my doubts because of her track record of lying to us...However, these are my takeaways from the interview she granted; 1. Her credibility has been heavily hit because of how she's lied over the period. 2. I find it weird with how she was gutsy enough to come out and declare that she cheated twice on her boyfriend. I was like this girl is bold. I'm saying this because of our culture and terrain, and how people look at you. Because she is young; she's a budding artiste...Again, I find it quite weird that was this done because of a certain song you want to promote? If you check the chronology of what is happening, for me, I don't think it sits right with me seriously,” he stated.