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The lockdown will be effective if govt sends MoMo to everyone for food - Ian Wordi

Comment: Ungrateful idiots

God bless Ghana President
2020-04-01 09:23:24
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The lockdown will be effective if govt sends MoMo

Ayigbe people always dey cry for free things but when election comes they stupidly votes for their Ayigbe NDC party who don’t even give a fuck about them. Their government when in power use tax payers money to buy cars and houses for their girlfriends, loot and share our tax money to enrich themselves leaving their so called word bank voters miserable and they have the gut to plead for free stuffs from the competent all people’s government NPP. Kwasiafo). You lucky I’m not the president of Ghana now like you people go see something.. ungrateful motherfackers

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04-01 03:52
Ungrateful idiots
God bless Ghana President
04-01 09:23