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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded’ Pappy Kojo

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Jerry house
2020-03-24 20:32:13
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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded

Yes I hope they donate generously try Bill Gates Bill Gates has money he's a richest man in the USA also try the Queen of England and see if they could do drops of food to you my parachuting it off a plane and make sure it gets to all of Africa not just one location see if the military will help you out have them contact these people and see if they'll parachute the food to you from an airplane a bob down to you dropping it from an airplane with a parachute and then keep the military can help you all out they need to be able to adjust first fruit to all of Africa or no one is starving at all that do not overeat if you ate something for the day you ate something that means you or t8 as long as you ate one thing you're not going to die

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03-23 12:14
Re: Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded
Jerry house
03-24 20:32