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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded’ Pappy Kojo

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2020-03-23 17:35:12
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Our hands are tied – Minister tells ‘stranded

I don't know why some people stupidly meddle
in matters that do not concern them and also do not have any knowledge in such matters .I don't know the religion that you belong to but I am seriously advising you to pray to God for the forgiveness of the blasphemous statement. You can never ridicule Jesus Christ and go Scot free. The Lord Jesus is Lord over all creation ,including you. One day I would be happy to see you trembling to answer to for this statement before the Throne of our Lord.Repent to escape the unquenchable wrath of The most High God. Adanta tua wo to an wore huri atra ogya .Dammirifa due,due due next wamanehunu.AMEN

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