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'I’m single, available and wear no panties' - Actress begs for men to marry

Comment: When will you ever learn?

Darling Boy
2019-01-27 15:50:37
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'I’m single, available and wear no panties' - Ac

When will you learn that African men, the kind of men you respect and wish to marry you do not respect ladies who over expose and denigrate their lives, bodies and sexuality to the world for cheap and childish popularity. Only unserious men who have no name or image to protect will forever toast you with all this evidence of foolishness on the WWW. How would you help his rising career or social standing before his family, peers and subordinates. Every where he takes you people will giggle and gossip behind that you are not wearing pants, some will bet and try to check. You have cast a single spell on your own self. Besides no woman who indevently announces that she can find even find a good man, can expect a mad rush of good men to feel that is Ms. Right out there. They will say, listen to that borla bird. Every one has banged and dogged her, why me?

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01-27 02:01
When will you ever learn?
Darling Boy
01-27 15:50