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Kuami Eugene shows appreciation to industry stakeholders in new record, 'No one'

Comment: You are just a fucking liar,

2018-12-22 15:53:09
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Kuami Eugene shows appreciation to industry stakeh

You never suffer as you portray for the PUBLIC to believed. Be careful and Thankful. Your previous interview were there, your mum paid your school fees and you decided to stop school is not suffering. That is Sin, bible say, Disbelieving our parents or Pastors lead us to Disobedience, and that lead us to sin. King Saul and prophet Samuel is the exact example. When you mum put you in boarding House and you decided not to go and do you own things, that is Sin, repent before God's wrath come upon you. You are talented but be truthful because your own word will hunt and hurt you one day. GHANAIAN are now educated than before oooh

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