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'I’m 7 months pregnant with a sexy body' - Benedicta Gafah mocks critics

Comment: Very immature. Who cares

Concerned Citizen
2018-09-12 13:47:21
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'I’m 7 months pregnant with a sexy body' - Bened

Empty barrels make the most noise. No need to gain cheap popularity with pregnancy news. Learn from Nadia and Yvonne who are very matured and kept their pregnancy confidential from such an evil society we live in which is full of evil, jealousy, greed, insult, gossip, backbiting and pulling people down physical or spiritually. Any serious minded person would be rather prayerful for a safe delivery than giving the devil ammunition to fire at you in all forms. If you choose to make your private life public be ready for the consequences because not everyone who smiles with you is truly a friend. Any serious minded person doesn't care about about your private life because they got serious things to do. Get serious in life

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09-12 04:03
Very immature. Who cares
Concerned Citizen
09-12 13:47