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Do not be anxious about anything - Christabel Ekeh tells fans with stunning photos

Comment: You’re a Douchebag yourself

Big Banana
2018-09-11 13:21:20
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Re: Do not be anxious about anything - Christabel

Biiiich shut da fucc up Already , after the hotel to hotel life they all end up been Motivational speakers . Kwashiya nifemo , you made your bed sleep in it . Everybody has their lives to live and y’all should remember the is no Star in this planet but Jesus just live life, u can admire someone but Never be a fool to live like them . Motivational speakers my Ass as if when a Rich man start showering her with gifts , shopping spree overseas and marriage she won’t open up . Don’t be fooled by all these wannabe Kim Kardashian’s and Beyoncé’s all over . I love me some beautiful hot girl with style not so much into the social media bullshit . Kim kardashian became a star via Sextape and these wannabes all wanna live like her . Chale lemme wrap up and remember always that # FAKE is the new Trend on social media . Don’t be fooled into been a fool , Life is Short live it how u want .

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09-11 13:07
You’re a Douchebag yourself
Big Banana
09-11 13:21