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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaians are hypocrites – Songo

Comment: Ghanaians are hypocrites

Efua concerned citizen
2018-02-19 07:58:26
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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaia

What do you mean by Ghananians are hypocrites we are a country of at least 20 million poeple so those who were at the weeks cerebration are just a fraction of the populace so you just can't say that.Yes Ebony was talented but that didn't mean that we should allow her to negatively affect the youth with her indecent exposures It's unfortunate poeple in her life didn't help her with her talent positively.If they did she would have been been alive .Most grown ups who are suppose to know better and guide the youth rather help them to ruin their lives we glorify and award indecency .Its about time we look into our culture that define as decent poeple and stipulate copying culture that demean us as human beings .Wevare created in the image of God.When Adam an Eve were pushed out if the garden God clothed them for a purpose.Songo grow up and stop behaving like a child what you did at the studio with her was apaulling rubbing your front behind her was not decent for a grown up like you.Tell me if you felt nothing be honest and grow up.Use the studio to affect poeple a life positively .Its about time we stop cereblating and awarding indecency in the society.Being a talented musician does not mean you should dress indecently on stage .Musiga or whatever is called should look into the way their poeple dress.Yes it's your life but no one is an island so we should mind how we dress and behave.Its only poeple who are mentally unstable that expose themselves publicly

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02-19 03:50
Ghanaians are hypocrites
Efua concerned citizen
02-19 07:58