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KKD angry over ‘One Corner’ dance; calls it ‘foolishness’

Comment: I thought the same thing when i heard it

2017-09-28 14:35:58
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KKD angry over ‘One Corner’ dance; calls it

And this Patapaa guy was busy saying is God who is making him or the song famous or popular.
I asked my self will God support a dance that is degrading,does the song glorify God?
The same word of God says :WHAT THE WORLD APPROVES OR LIKE MUCH IS ABOMINATION TO HIM we should be extremely careful when we decide to join or follow things in this world.
KKD I thank you for saying the truth. It hurt but it saves lifes (soul).
One last advice to Ghanaians is making or releasing a song into the world is the same as giving birth to a child,and every parent want his or her child to be beautiful,handsome,and adorable to be watched,so please sit down and think we'll before releasing anything into the world.
Because you will have to answer to your creator whether what you released into the world saved lifes or destroyed lifes.promoted SATAN OR GLORIFY GOD.
We are living in the world where GOOD IS BAD AND BAD IS GOOD in the human right world.dont think that because you are poor ,so you will do anything dirty to get rich.riches doesn't guarantee happiness and security.ask those you know.
Is only knowing THE TRUE GOD AND HIS SON.

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09-27 03:00
I thought the same thing when i heard it
09-28 14:35