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Kumasi-based man charters VIP bus from Accra to Kumasi to spite Accra residents

Comment: Let Asanteman be. Enough of the insults.

2017-06-10 09:34:41
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When Asantes are tagged with poor English speaking abilities, I always burst into laughter. Because, somewhere in China, at the Foxxconn's factory (the factory which produces Apple device parts), about 2,000 people manufacture and assemble the world's next generation gadgets without the slightest ability to utter an English word. Russia went into space long time because English-America copied. Japan holds the largest share in automobile sales in the world without English. Where does the UK herself stand in terms of global economy? Come of it brother!!! Most Asantes can speak many languages today but honestly, we cherish Twi above a colonial and imperial tongue.

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05-30 19:48
Let Asanteman be. Enough of the insults.
06-10 09:34