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Meet the Ghanaian who owns the most expensive cars in the country

Comment: Yawa Ghanaweb

2017-02-25 07:44:38
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Meet the Ghanaian who owns the most expensive cars

Ghana web...shaking my head. Useless site. People keep telling me I'll get news here. Is this news. No offense to Ibra, but if the guy is doing well, please tell as about him and how he made it and not just his cars. You could even interview him and get some good info or advice from him. As for what you're doing, it's just gossip. Even lok at the cars. One is covered in snow/ice...a car in Danson covered in ice? Ei!

And the articles on GhanaWeb too...why? Don't you have editors and proof-readers. A so-called prestigious website. Just look at the English and presentation quality. Yawa. Ibra, I don't know you but whatever you're into, may God bless you.

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02-23 17:59
Yawa Ghanaweb
02-25 07:44