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Glam yourself with one of these fleek Ankara styles

Comment: Y copy everything,Even names of clothes?

2015-10-24 15:50:56
Comment to:
Why why why copy Nigerians too much

Exactly what I was going to write here Frimpomaa!
Why copy everything Nigerian???
Do we suffer from inferiority complex that much??

We copied their way of marriage ceremony and use all their accessories during our ceremonies . I wonder why parents of such adults even allowed that. Couldn't they question their choice of clothes and accessories and its significance to our culture?
Ask these Ghanaians who use them and they have no clue what it is it why the Nigerians use them.

Now we are calling these clothes Ankara!!
Plssssss!!! Can we use the names we know these clothes by???? It's being used all over the place.
we can also promote our clothes/names such that others would want to use them too!

Such disgrace, aaaaba ghanafuo

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