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I used to be a 'shoeshine boy' on Legon campus - Francis Doku

Comment: Who cares?????????

Charles Anane
2015-10-20 17:34:04
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I used to be a 'shoeshine boy' on Legon campus - F

Ghanaians are so self agrandizing. This guy is just a blogger and wants to tell a story as if its never happened before. Being a shoeshine boy is not a bad thing..... i was a shoeshine boy, a farmer who left school for 6 year and sleeping in the farm. I'm been a loading boy carrying food stuff in vehicles. ... but i have risen to be who i am today working for international development organizations out of Ghana.

Pleaseeeeeee don't make it look like you have achieved everything in life already and quick to come out to tell stories. .... do you know how many stories others have? ?????

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10-18 12:51
Who cares?????????
Charles Anane
10-20 17:34