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Wives of pastors urged to satisfy husbands in bed

Comment: Don't Be Deceived !

Haruna N. Dantata
2015-01-19 07:04:19
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Wives of pastors urged to satisfy husbands in bed

I guess the true religion of Islam which is basically servitude to the most high God,co-existing with other religion in peace if they bring peace and defend yourself if attacked has been hidden by western propaganda and some few extremist who don't really understand the religion or are fighting for another cause (Political/dominance) funded by selfish/greedy organizations with heinous agendas.
But as Allah said the survival/spread of Islam is solely HIS responsibility and he will take care of that till the last day, thus no matter what these extremist and puppets of western powers and organization do to dent the image of the true religion,Islam will continue to be accepted by many in the world today and the future.
There are only two religion spreading today in the world and that's Islam and Democracy.
You will agree with me to the fact that nobody in the world can live their lives peacefully if every member of the over 1.3billion Muslim members is to exhibit the teachings of the religion which the western media has made many to believe is extremism. Look around you today and there are very discerning members of the Islamic religion that you probably work,befriend, or even do business with...why don't you ask yourself why are they not arming themselves with guns bombs etc to terrorise u living very close to them....
Think and don't let others mislead/misinform you. Assalamu alaikum.

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Don't Be Deceived !
Haruna N. Dantata
01-19 07:04