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Wives of pastors urged to satisfy husbands in bed

Comment: GOD IS LOVE

Nii, Tema
2015-01-19 04:09:27
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islam is the best

God is not a dictator. God provides the options with the rewards and punishments and leaves his children to make their choices. He doesn't force doctrines on their shoulders. He rewards those who obey Him willingly and punishes the disobedient ones. Full of love, God has a way out for the sinners to repent and get back on track. He has not appointed any human to enforce his rules by breaking limbs and burning people. He has not left his responsibility in the hands of any human to warrant the kind of atrocities we find in ***** being perpetrated in His name. So in choosing wisely, I chose the religion that doesn't allow me to pretent to be God's policeman and inflict pain on my fellow human but rather try to help my falling brother to come back in line.

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Nii, Tema
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