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Wives of pastors urged to satisfy husbands in bed

Comment: questions for Afua Schwarzenegger

wise man
2015-01-18 20:48:39
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Wives of pastors urged to satisfy husbands in bed

Two questions for Afua Schwarzenegger 1)why would she have to smuggle her own biological kids to Namibia before flying them to Ghana if they have a Ghanaian passports ? If they're truly her kids, 2)since she said the husband was already dead, who was she fighting with for the custody of her own biological children? The state of South Africa or the husband family? Because is only the husband who has the legal rights to do that only maybe on the ground seperation or divorce in which 80% of such cases goes in favor of the women 3 How was she able to cross about 12 police post + 6 immigration checks if she was not having a passport of those lil kids by then? 4)Afua was still a Ghanaian when she was in south Africa so her kids were still a Ghanaian till they reach 18+ before they can choose a state they want, so why can't she flew them from south Africa to Ghana directly but smuggling them through Namibia coz I know we have Ghana Embassy in South Africa whom she can process their document? ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,

Afua must come out clean about those boys and the story behind them because there are some fishy smell around Afua's story,,,, Waiting the answers Afua? DNA test needed

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questions for Afua Schwarzenegger
wise man
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