Entertainment of Thursday, 21 February 2013

Source: Sadat Abari

Why are other regions in Ghana neglected in entertainment?

Geographically there are ten regions in Ghana but when it comes to entertainment there is only one; Greater Accra Region. Entertainment is a universal phenomenon regardless of race, country, religion or tribe or geographical differences.

This brings to mind the over concentration of events and media in only one region.

Concerts, awards, movie premiers, TV and radio stations are being established in Accra making it seems the other regions have nothing to offer in terms of cash, audience and venues which is a wrong perception but even if it’s true, there is nothing stopping the government or entertainment gurus from building big capacity auditoriums in each of the regional capitals so that those outside the capital can also feel part of the entertainment circle in the country.

Lots of international acclaimed artistes such as Rick Ross, Jay z, Akon, Ludacris and P Square just to mention a few have graced the shores of Ghana in the past and will continue to but they always make a u-turn after only one show in the Dome for just a few thousands of audience, to these artists they have performed for Ghana.

This a very bad development because the organizers are myopic and if they had played on several stages across Ghana they will have satisfied more people and made more money to organize more better shows.

Award nominations also have that kind of capital city setting. The radio and TV personality Awards was filled with media people of Accra.

The question I always ask myself is if there are no good radio presenters in other regions too since those we have here came from other regions, if the likes of Abeiku Santana, Blakk Raster just to mention a few were in Kumasi and Takoradi respectively it means there are a lot of the good media personnel in other regions.

Why should talents be forced to move to Accra to be recognized, leaving other places with inexperienced ones?

Ghana DJ awards categories was also was filled with the DJs in the capital, those DJs outside the capital play the same music, they are also good with the techniques so why not at least recognize them for their good job also?

After premiering movies at the Silver Bird Cinema, producers don't premier in other regions because they feel once it has been premiered in Accra, the movie is good to go but a deep look into the Kumasi movie industry shows they are doing very well in terms of recognition and financial gains even outside the shores of Ghana.

The introduction Kumawood awards is a clear indication that they need to get recognized also for their role in the entertainment industry, it’s just a matter of time before this award break grounds. Charter House is doing a great job by extending the Nights of Thousand Laughs to Kumasi and Takoradi, this is a good initiation and step other event organizers need to follow.

All I want to put across is entertainment is a universal aspect of human life regardless of religion, belief and race, the organizers have to push one step further to cut across geographically.

We are one people and one nation.