Fashion of Saturday, 16 February 2013

Source: Funms

Shoes pregnant women should wear

Pregnant women have special requirements and one of them is choosing the right kind of shoes to wear.

During pregnancy, the feet swell and toes get pinched, so it’s important to get be comfortable as possible.

Say bye-bye to your favourite red bottoms and hello to soft casual shoes…

Do not wear high heels!

Because the body of a woman changes when she’s pregnant, with the stomach increasing day by day, causing weight gain, the body’s centre of gravity moves forward. If you wear high heels, it makes the body prone to falling over and constricts blood from circulating through the lower limbs.

Shoes should be soft

Pregnant women should shy away from shoes made of synthetic leather, leather or nylon. The best advice is to settle for sheep leather shoes or cloth shoes. They should also go for slightly larger shoes during the third trimester, as the legs and feet swell.

Go for ‘Easy-to-wear’ shoes with no laces

Pregnant women find it hard to bend over, so their shoes should be quite easy to wear and should have no laces or strings to tie. Simple is best.