Entertainment of Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Source: Yemoh Ike

Ghana’s Hollywood actress, Nancy Agyapong changes moniker

The first African actress to land a lead role in her first movie attempt for a Hollywood movie ‘DSK Unauthorized’, Nancy Agyapong is now known as Nancy Asante.

After her marriage to Oheneba Asante, the actress thought it wise to use her husband’s name before her next project comes out.

“Using a husband name is unprecedented among my female colleagues around the world and I believe it’s one of the hidden gripes to most divorce.” Nancy researched.

She continued to say that the use of a husband’s name in public creates a strong bond in a sense that both parties think of the public damage whenever divorce comes up. From her view, separation to divorce is considered when the issue becomes worst.

In an interview with the husband, Oheneba (son of a King) Asante, he expressed his gratitude by saying: “Even though it’s a custom in Africa, I have not heard any of these celebrities, actresses to be precise, use their husband’s name after marriage. Not forgetting that we’ve being together before her stardom, officially, I married her months after the production of DSK unauthorized, hence she’s entitled to Nancy Agyapong as her artistic name. I must say that my family and the entire kingdom of Kyiremfaso Royal Council appreciate the step she’s taken.”

Speaking to Ronnie Bejneer, the producer of DSK unauthorized, he said the movie was ready for the cinemas but since he’s mandated to obey certain decision, the final work is back on editing for the necessary change of Nancy Asante nee Agyapong.