Entertainment of Friday, 25 January 2013

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb

Bomaye’s marriage with Promzy was just a faux pas

Simply put, it was a marriage on TV, breakup on Facebook.

It’s no longer news that Alex Biney aka Bomaye, the king in the 13-week ‘I’m in love with Bomaye’ reality show and Promise Naa Okasai better known as Promzy has been officially crumbled.

Since Bomaye and Promzy will never walk down the aisle in their mariage on TV, breakup on Facebook, we will ask that who is to blame in all this? Bomaye who represented Ghana and got evicted without making the nation proud or Promzy who wasn’t even part of the final three ladies that supposedly should have been chosen by the ‘groom’.

But don’t we reason along that this intention attracts a charge, then the act itself attracts a grievous penalty, because the whole new episode seems to dawn as a second phase to the already conspiracy to deceive the masses via TV, thus, this whole Bomaye-Promzy issue is uncalled for.

If we question both Bomaye and Promzy for being deceptive, then what happens to the platform that gave room to the ‘comedy’? It would be fair to bring the platform to question, thus, abatement of crime looms in the air?

For an event which already from the onset had issues like public deception, it had also caused emotional nuisance and above all, robbery of the public’s choice of winner; then the whole entertainment industry was brought into disrepute.