Fashion of Monday, 12 November 2012

Source: Funms

Ravishing Red into Our Style

Fashionistas, consider adding a statement in sexy scarlet for all occasions. Red is the colour of passion, aggression and power. It’s a daring, bold and sexy colour. From red heels to red lipstick and a hot red dress, it’s bound to be a show stopper.

I love red because it will work with any neutral in your closet, so it’s an easy colour to combine when planning an outfit. Enough chitchat; let’s see how we can infuse Red into our style.

The Lips: Red Lips are a symbol of glamour and femininity. It is classic. Red lips are an effortless way to add drama to a look, be it during the day or at night. To create the perfect red lip, always match your skin tone, test on your lips, trust your instincts, and keep other makeup subtle.

The Shoes: Is it a coincidence that one of the best shoe designers, Christian Louboutin, uses Red as his trademark colour? I think not. Red shoes are a sign of confidence and unmistakably, glamour. The key to sporting red kicks is restraint. Avoid, at all costs, the urge to match a red dress and red heels, opting instead for a pop of colour to complement outfits in hues of grey, black, white, nude and the like.

The Dress: It really takes the right attitude to wear a red dress confidently. The first thing you need to take into account is which shade of red is best for you. It is important to team red with the right colours, so choosing the right accessories is vital. A common mistake is to team a red dress with black, which only deadens the colour. Silver, pewter or nude-coloured shoes work better. Silver and gold jewellery both work well. Bear in mind that a red dress is sexy in itself, so when choosing the style of the dress, it’s a good idea to go with a more modest style.

There’s no need for plunging necklines or for the dress to be skin tight. Make sure that the dress fits you well and that panty lines and cleavage are kept in check. I know it is tempting to wear makeup that matches the dress, but again, simplicity is best.

Only wear red lipstick if it absolutely matches the shade of the red dress. Otherwise, go for a more neutral tone or a pale pink. The same could be said for nails.

Natural shades of light brown, pale pink and flesh-tone are best for makeup.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is that wearing a red dress is an attitude. You should be wearing the dress; the dress shouldn’t be wearing you. So stand tall, feel confident, make an entrance and smile. After all, you are the lady in red.