Music of Saturday, 10 November 2012

Source: Ernest Dela Aglanu

No video released this year can match my Heyba – Edem

Rapper Edem, born Denning Edem Agbeviadey has stressed that although he was forced to redraw his last major video, Over Again due to the mixed reactions the video received from his fans, his latest work will make up for the loss.

In his bid to satisfy his fans, Edem will be premiering his latest work, Heyba (Not On My Level) Saturday on Cine Afrik Premieres on Cine Afrik on MultiTV at 7pm and he believes that no video released this year will match up his video.

“I don’t think any video that has been released this year could match up to Heyba. From January to date, I think Heyba will really do well against a lot of videos that have been released,” he told in an interview.

According to him, “this video is going to generate a lot of interest…I think that with the past video and the comments from a cross section of the fans, this video is going to prove to them that yes my team listens to them and how they respect the brand and we don’t plan to downplay the Edem band below their expectation.”

The Ghetto Arise singer was of the view that, “the song itself - Heyba – has a lot of energy at a point when everybody is doing dance related music…the video brings to bear the amount of lyrical dexterity the artiste Edem has.”

While he was “hoping to see the fans' reaction,” Edem believes that, “fans are going to love the video” because “a lot went into this video.”

Asked why he decided to premiere the video on live TV, which will also be simulcast at the Obra Sport at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, he said it was part of his quest to always do things differently.

“I started off my career doing a lot of things differently. I started by rapping in my dialect, I moved on to do an autograph session at the Mall which has become something replicated over the years. We proceeded to do a lot of charity related stuff based on my personal interest for giving hope to people…we are just trying to be different,” he said.

For his choice of Cine Afrik as the medium to premiere the video, Edem said he chose the premium African channel “because the elements of the song Heyba are actually very African and Cine Afrik identifies with stuffs that are African.”