Entertainment of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: GMB

24th November, a date with 4X4 & Ruff-N-Smooth in New York

For our brothers and sisters in the United States of America, your Thanksgiving will not be the same this year. The good news is that, by the kind courtesy of Safo Entertainment of the finest Ghanaian groups who bring African showmanship alive on every stage they mount.

This coming Thanksgiving on 24thNovember, 4x4 and Ruff-N-Smooth will entertain America at the stage BET winner Sarkodie did last year,(Gaucho (New York) 487 Gerard Ave. Bronx NY (BET 146TH ST & 149TH ST).

Talking to the local representative of the event, Mr. George Mensah Britton, who confirmed the information, he added that other artistes on the bill included Lighter, Nana NYC, 2 Shy, K5 and many others who want to support the powerhouse of the local music industry.

When asked what their expectations of the upcoming event was, 4X4 said, “we have never disappointed on any international stage and this won’t be any different. We want to leave the audience with so many memories to take away with them after the show”.

‘World Trade Center’, ‘Waist and Power’, ‘Yesi Yesi’, et al smash hits singers said this time round, it will be massive and creativity will rule their performances. Group member, CoDeD, said there will be more talking on stage and urges all to check their calendars and add the event to their to do list.

The show which also features Ruff-N-Smooth will go for $40 for those who get tickets in advance and $50 and $80 for VIP at the gate.

‘Swagger’, ‘Sex Machine’, ‘Naija Babe’, ‘Azingele’ promised they will perform to their very best that those who don’t know Ghana will want to come to see the beauty of Ghana. “We look forward to electrifying the whole venue. With Ruff-N-Smooth there is never a dull moment”, the duo excitedly told yours truly.

Organizers said anyone who purchases a ticket also gets to pick a current album of either 4X4 or Ruff-N-Smooth for free. There’s going to be a picture session with fans alongside other fun time in appreciation of their fans who have given them so much.