Entertainment of Saturday, 18 August 2012

Source: Ghanasuperstars.com

Funny Face must step up his game or fade out soon

Ghana’s comedy fraternity over the years has been taken to greater heights by Ghanaian comedy sensational and satirist Kwaku Sintim-Misa as the venture was pre-dominated by Nigerian comedians. Such breakthroughs and developments even got deepened as new faces such as Funny Face and the rest stepped in.

Known in real life as Benson Oduro Boateng, Funny Face is unquestionably one of Ghana’s talents that cannot be left out as far as Ghanaian comedy is concerned. He has featured in couple of comedy shows in the country and in other TV series over the years.

However, it appears stand-up comedy is not his ‘thing’. In stand-up comedy, feedback of the audience is instant and crucial for the comedians act. Audience expects a stand-up comic to provide a steady and spontaneous stream of laughs and the performer is always under pressure to deliver.

This pressure can be thrilling but also threatening when the comedian does not flow consistently with his/her fast paced succession of humorous stories, short jokes, hilarious acts, etc.

Unfortunately, Funny Face does not fit so well in this genre of comedy (standup comedy). Many a time, he finds himself waffling on stage with constipation on what to say next.

It is high time SWAG-ON-PAPA a.k.a Funny Face sticks to sitcoms or TV series which I believe he is good at. Considering this advice in my opinion will take him places rather than threading on his alien path (stand-up comedy) which he doesn’t do excellently or better still go take some lessons from one of Africa’s finest K.S.M to step-up his game or might have to “drop out” in no time.