Entertainment of Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor

Samini swags off Demarco with ‘Pito’

The I Love Ma Life Concert may have come and gone but the top notch performances will not be forgotten in a long time as the man who played the host – Samini gave the crowd more than they bargained for and a good value for money.

For those who were not at the Dome of the AICC, then I may be forced to tell you that you missed a performance of a life time as the Dagaati born brought down the roof of the Ghana's most popular event destination. Samini is well noted for his off the head sweet lyrics and wild freestyles, but on this night he churned out new lyrics which to another artiste, this may sum up a hit album.

Sheer showmanship, charisma and energy were all displayed by Samini, at one point in time he paused and told the crowd of his mum’s gift of a calabash filled to the brim with ‘Pito’, then he dramatically sipped from it to the roaring cheers.

Brilliance has always been his trademark but on this occasion his guest in the person of Demarco needed to be at most 101% to entice the crowd with whom his host had already paid a ransom for.

Demarco didn’t do badly on that day as his personal DJ was on point to cue him tune after tune. One of his high point was when he boogie the Azonto dance sweetly having been infected with the 'New Craze'. He dashed the crowd different Jamaican tunes both the ones they were familiar with and not.

The concert was billed to campaign on the essence of going ‘Green’ to save the earth from environmental degradation, an initiative by Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA) of which Samini is an Ambassador.

kudos Samini and all the GH acts who made is proud**