Entertainment of Saturday, 16 June 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor

Keitta Finds New Comfort in Maneta?

Keitta the only representative from Ghana have been in the news again for his ‘caring gesture’ with the Zimbabwean housemate, Maneta. As it was expected that somehow somewhat, a new ‘partner’ was going to keep him warm and perhaps take the memory of Mildred away from him, is now coming into play.

Nights ago, Maneta got under the influence of alcohol and started displaying behaviors which led to her commenting whilst sobbing, “I am making a fool of myself. I am embarrassing myself”. At that point, she was getting closer and needed comfort which Keitta provided.

Playing consciously, the Ghanaian Upville mate was quick to reproach her and made it clear with whom his allegiance lays in the person of Mildred thousands of kilometers away but who is watching with eagle eyes via her screen. He expressed his sincerity again to the other lads when he commented in a joke that he didn't really like girls who throw themselves at him.

On the other hand, Maneta has come out to say that she was only playing on Keitta’s intelligence and not under any influence, addng she will never want to break up a relationship for no reason. She believes that the two Ghanaian lovers that came into the Stargame via the Downville process and one in the person of Mildred having to leave her man behind means a lot.

Back home in Ghana, Mildred is getting her life back with couple of deals and shows she is billed to perform on after the disappointing mannerism she put up on eviction day with the refusal to come out and talk to IK because she was not given a ‘Brazilian hair’ by Big Brother.