Entertainment of Friday, 8 June 2012

Source: NewsOne

DKB's Woes Deepen, Faces Theft Charges?

Derrick Kobina Boateng aka DKB or Madam Kplelems, the Ghanaian comedian and representative at the Big Brother StarGame who got kicked out for slapping a female housemate, may have escaped assault charges but his woes are apparently yet to begin.

He stands the risk of losing his job and a possible arrest for stealing from the Shoprite supermarket at the Accra Shopping Mall.

There is a growing campaign from several women’s rights groups in Ghana against the comedian and the latest twist are calls for his immediate dismissal from Viasat 1 TV where he works as an actor and scriptwriter for the ‘Laugh A Minute’ comedy TV show and also the host of television game show, ‘It Runs In The Family’.

While in the Big Brother contest, DKB had bragged on live TV that he was fond of stealing from the famous Shoprite supermarket at the Accra Shopping Mall and this self-confession has also provoked calls for his arrest.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review hosted by Akwesi Aboagye on Thursday, musician and gender activist Yasmeen Helwani Nsiah disclosed that several persons had written to the African Women Development Foundation to back the campaign for DKB’s dismissal from Viasat 1.

Yasmeen got the support of Whitney Boakye-Mensah, a showbiz pundit and regular panel member on the show, that DKB had greatly embarrassed himself and tarnished the image of Ghana by physically assaulting a lady on live television; therefore his television shows should be taken off air just to show that the station did not support his actions.

The two ladies insisted strongly that all through the period DKB was in the competition, he showed disrespect towards females in the house and had been very rude towards them.

They said DKB’s habit was to disrespect women and he should therefore not be allowed to go scot free for what he did.

Yasmeen and Whitney described DKB as a possible women beater and wondered who his girlfriend was and how he treated her.

NEWS-ONE checks revealed that DKB was in a love relationship with a certain Sharon Mercedes Dzipha Nutsugah and that the two had been dating since July 2008.

Meanwhile, DKB is reported to have issued a statement apologizing over the assault incident.

A couple of online media houses have put out a statement attributing it to DKB.

The statement reads: “Lovely people of Africa, there are many things I wish I could do to reverse this unfortunate incident but as we all know, one cannot go back in time.

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to entertain Africa on the most coveted platform but I messed it up due to my act of indiscipline.

I hereby render my deepest heartfelt apology to all the people of Africa, to the people of my motherland Ghana, to the entire Big Brother Africa team, my cherished housemates and most importantly to Zainab and her family.

I am fully and solely responsible for my actions and I under no circumstance justify hitting a woman no matter the level of provocation.

“To all my dedicated viewers, fans and critics, I say thank you for all the support.

I am truly sorry for letting you down and I promise that I would never repeat such unscrupulous behaviour. This is my sincere apology and I hope it is accepted.”

The embattled comedian will address the Ghanaian media at 11am today at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.**