Music of Saturday, 2 June 2012

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“Christians Are Hypocrites” – Trigmatic

What should have been a ‘turning point’ in his career has rather become a pain he has to deal with following his collaboration with Herty Borngreat on her new gospel track, “Kano Seyaa”.

Nana Yaw Oduro Agyei known in showbiz as “Trimatic” seemed to be at eh receiving end of the bashings of critics, who believed that he was not qualified to do gospel music.

But in an interview with the Weekend Finder, the man who earned the accolade, “the real definition of versatility”, reacted to the criticisms leveled against him.

According to the 2010 best rapper at the Ghana Music Awards, such critics who called themselves Christians could best be described as hypocrites.

He questioned why people would want to chastise Herty Borngreat for collaborating with him.

“Let me tell you this: Ghanaians are naturally critics and would always find faults with whatever you do whether it is positive or negative”, he said.

He confirmed that though he had not personally heard much about those criticisms, he was not really perturbed and would not be distracted in his course of giving his best to his fans. He was quick to add that “if the whole Christendom is talking about my collaboration with Herty as sinful, then the best I can say is that they are a bunch of hypocrites!”

Citing various examples to buttress his point, Trimatic noted: “How would a pastor describe a Christian doctor who commits adultery? Half of the members in our congregation are sinners because of what they do. What about hose church leaders who go after young girls, don’t they call themselves Christians?” he queried.

He said his music had always been inspired by the strong Christian values he holds in high esteem.

“I have always said that my coming far in the music industry is extraordinary and it takes just the favour and Grace of God to get this far. I trust that it is the Lord who has brought me this far and I will always acknowledge Him,” he added.

He further noted that people should not label him a “sinner” because he is a hip hop artiste who does secular music, remarking, “I believe doing full gospel or being a gospel artiste is a calling so if I don’t have the calling to do gospel music fully and as a Christian I’m inspired to collaborate with a Christian sister to do a song which will win more souls for Christ, is it a crime?

“Let me add this before I forget. Anytime I am set to release an album, I go to church to pray for the success of my album because I know its success depends on God. Again, after I won the best rapper in 2010 at the GMA, I took it to church for thanksgiving because I believe he crowned me with that glory in my musical career.”**