Entertainment of Saturday, 2 June 2012

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Kesse Is Gay!...He Gives His Account!

Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds. After winning the season 4 of the TV3 singing contest; TV3 Mentor and emerging as the first runner up of Project Fame season 3 was enough exposure for Mike Kesse Frimpong to embrace the music scene. In his infantile stage in the music scene, KESSE made away with the 2012 Male Vocalist Of The Year, irrespective of how competitive that category was. Every butcher comes home with bloody meat. Kesse has had his share of the rumors and the bad press that comes with celebrity life.

Welcome to the OMG!Ghana.Com Celebrity Memoir. Celebrity Memoir is an account of a celebrity’s experiences written by the celebrity himself. Our spotlight fell on the 2012 Male Vocalist Of The Year and this was what he wrote;

“It’s not easy to do music in Ghana as far as parents are concerned. Growing up as a Ghanaian child, the only thing our parents considered as profession was doctoring, law and engineering. My parent didn’t want me to do anything apart from going to school and becoming the doctor. I realized there was more to success than mere academics. I realized talent pays more. I focused on my talent and now they are really happy about my music career and have forgotten they once told me to become a doctor. Well, I still think I am the doctor they always wanted me to be because I believe I heal people with my voice. It wasn’t easy choosing a ‘professional’ career and a career in showbiz because even though I knew what I wanted to do, my close friends were studying law, medicine and engineering and they always laughed at me when I said I wanted to do music but I knew what I was going to gain from my talent as a vocal performer.

Though I still am young in the music industry, I believe success is relative. I’m on the road to success and God will take me there. TREAT HER ROYAL ft Sarkodie is my favorite work as of now. It tells a story of what I have been through when I started as an upcoming artist. No one to help me out. Sometimes the passion is there but the situation makes me cry. As Trigmatic said; “rapper got skills but no one to sign”. When the world wakes up one morning and Kesse is no more, I will like to be remembered for my seductive voice and my stage craft. My voice is touching and makes you fall in love with the song when you hear it and my performance is different because I’m always in the mood to give out my best and I always surprise my audience by giving them what they least expect.

“ Apart from music what do you do?”, I get irritated when people ask me this question. Music is and should be taken as a full time career because it pays. Music is also jealous and wouldn’t like to share your attention with anything else. This explains why the great musicians live solely on music. In my opinion, people should consider showbiz with the same zeal they do with ‘professional’ career.

Just as it is in every journey, I have had disappointing moments. My most disappointing moment was when someone in the industry who pretended to love my song and respect my talent betrayed me by taking my name out of a category in an award celebration and I eventually got wind of. I learnt never to trust anyone…especially those who laugh with me. The worst rumor I heard about me was that, KESSE IS GAY. I think my ‘hanging out’ often with my boys gave birth to this rumor. I am not gay. The fact that I am single and I don’t go about flirting with girls doesn’t make me gay. I love girls.

As ironic as it may seem, my greatest achievement isn’t me picking up the 2011 Male Vocalist Of The Year award but rather, I performed Asa’s song on project fame stage and she cried. Our music industry is getting better but artistes should work hard to hit the Grammys and the BETs. Upcoming artiste should work hard and be themselves. They should get a style of their own. Above all, humility is a contributing factor to success. I see myself as an International artiste on the Grammys and BETs three years from now.

My current project is the promotion of my single TREAT HER ROYAL featuring Sarkodie. Produced by Genius Selection. It has been my favorite work so far. TREAT HER ROYAL is for my babe girls …the melody is mad with a seductive voice from the depth of my heart.**