Tabloid News of Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Source: The Informer

Akufo Addo’s Bad Dressing Rocks National Prayers

‘As political leaders we should observe sartorial propriety’ – Going To Town by Late Paul Ansah After failing to show up at important national occasions such as the independence anniversary, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer Mr. Williams Akufo Addo yesterday appeared at the National Prayer and Thanksgiving Service, held at the Independence Square, and sparked yet another controversy with his inappropriate, scruffy and undiplomatic outfit.

Flagbearer Akufo Addo chose to dress casually and discourteously to such an august-solemn occasion of profound national magnitude, as the National Prayer and Thanksgiving Service, and left all who thronged the event grounds and followed proceedings on television screens to question the man’s consciousness to appropriateness.

A semi-dirty white long-sleeves, soft silky top linen fabric made of flax, in a shape normally termed ‘show your stomach’ which he wore on a black trouser, sparked controversy, when he arrived at the grounds, sweating profusely and thereby exposing his stomach and muscles. The white underwear (singlet) which he was wearing could not soak the sweat so the white linen top suddenly became ‘show your stomach’ attracting the attention of keenly looking patrons.

Not even the efforts of President John Evans Atta Mills, to redeem the NPP flagbearer by mentioning him in his speech and referring to him as a ‘brother’ could work some magic for the scandal-prone NPP flagbearer, who has been at the negative sides of national issues for months, and recently for making his reckless talk about election 2012 being an ‘All Die be Die’ affair. Yesterday’s event, which attracted the crème de la crème of the Ghanaian clergy and ended a week of prayer and fasting for the nation was supposed to be a platform where God’s hands will be requested on Ghana so as to guide the nation’s future.

Unfortunately the NPP flagbearer’s dress has stolen part of the huge importance that the occasion presents to the nation.

The dress of Mr. Akufo Addo quickly brought into light the statement by the Late Prof. Paul Ansah, that there is an unwritten but enshrined dress code for political leaders, and as such, those who go contrary to that benchmark spark controversy and get punished, accordingly.