Entertainment of Thursday, 23 December 2010

Source: 3gmediaonline.com/Azoozo Entertainment

3G Media Introduces Hot Music Producer/Sound Engineer

; Azoozo from Worcester, MA

3G spotlights a hot music Producer, Sound Engineer/Beatmixer; Dennis Ampaw and his studio; Azoozo Entertainment from Worcester, MA who is putting New England on the globe.

*Here he speaks to the readers about his career*;

My name is Dennis Darko-Ampaw, popularly known as Azoozo. I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa on July 10, 1984. Music has always been a major aspect of my life growing up. My first inspiration through music derived from my father who was known to loan his DJ equipment to many well known DJs that were unable to purchase equipment in the Eastern region of Ghana . At the age of 7, my father's services allowed me to comprehend the roots and art of music as I surrounded myself within that environment.

Entering my teen years, my great infatuation with music allowed me to find any way possible to center myself in the art of music. As I became the lead music entertainment event planner during my junior high school days, I realized that music would someday become a greater part of my life. At the age of 15, my older brothers began to take great interest in the deejay (DJ) industry and in singing and rapping.

Growing up with so many different elements of entertainment and genres of music such as hip hop, hip-life, high-life, rap and so many more had inspired me to combine and produce my own original sound of music. I grew up listening to different artists from all over the world, but the most inspired were engineers such as Dr. Dre, Timberland, Zapp Mallet, Appietus, JQ, and so many others. I began to realize that my success would be fulfilled as a music producer and a sound engineer.

With that mindset, I decided to create my own music recording studio now popularly known as Azoozo Recording Studio, which is located in Worcester, MA.

I had worked with various well-known and upcoming artists such as Lucky Mensah, Papa Shee, Kwesoul, Oftoli, HL Boys, Saysayoo, Wayoosi, Akwadaa Maku, King Jagadu and many more. I had also surrounded myself with well known MCs and top promotors such as Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), Mr CNN, MC Papa Lincoln, Hashim, DJ Cee, DJ Nyce, DJ Prince Paul, DJ Attarson and many more.

With so many accomplishments and blessings that has come my way, I would ultimately like to give great thanks first and foremost to the Almighty God, my father, my brothers and many of those who have supported me in my process of fulfilling my goals and making a difference in the music industry. Last but not least, big shout outs to all the 3G Media family for their great support.