Movies of Sunday, 28 November 2010

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Goodness Gracious, not another sleazy soft porn (Sex Games)!

I can’t believe that in this era of good movies like ‘Sinking Sands’, ‘Good old days’, ‘6 Hours to Christmas’ and others, we still have movie makers churning out crappy movies hinged on lewdness and perversion. Throwing creativity into the gutters, some Ghanaian movie producers continue to sell sex to viewers, regardless of propriety or morality. Is this development as a result of the Ghanaian viewer (both home and away) not yearning for the best? Even more surprising is the fact that these outrageous fly on the wall productions manage to outsell the rather good productions. God have mercy!

Well, I don’t expect much from a movie titled ‘Sex Games’ and the trailer on YouTube hardly surprised me. Quite clearly, the goldmine for this pathetic production lies in its depiction of big bums, half naked women (with protruding tummies that have no business being exposed before two or more people, let alone to the world via YouTube), and vivid imageries of various sexual positions. The repetition of these scenes in the trailer proves that the producer has no story to tell and he is using his strongest elements to market the movie.

I find it hard to believe that these so called film producers in Ghana have the guts to ‘ban’ and actress; they should rather be banned and banished from Ghana for producing such trash. But ultimately we as consumers have the power to put these unprofessional to order by voting with my money, and saying that we have seen enough of such trash.