Movies of Monday, 22 March 2010

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/

“Kiss Me If You Can” Not Porn After All

A great number of Arts writers and movie critics, who showed up at Lucky Lamson Villa Gardens last Friday for the Press preview of new movies “Kiss Me If You Can”, were suede from the purported porn movie they were expecting to see.

The new movie has generated a lot of controversy since the trailer was posted on Youtube. The 1 minute, 27 seconds trailer portrayed the movie as soft porn with explicit sex scenes. This aroused people’s imagination, and especially Arts writers couldn’t wait to watch the supposed porn movie to criticize it like they did to “Shakira”, “Heart of Men” and other movies. But after watching it, sex was the least thing in the movie.

The whole 1hour, 40 minutes movie had just three sex scenes. “Kiss Me If You Can” written and directed by Kobi Rana, which is based on love story, ended up getting everybody watching involved. The movie has enough suspense and one can hardly predict what is going to happen next or how the movie will end.

The story is about a young lady “Sharon” (Martha Ankormah) who has, had several heartbreaks and is not ready to give her heart to any man and a youngman “Ray” (Prince Dave Osei) who unfortunately fell in love with Sharon at t time she didn’t want to watch any man’s face. Ray tried by all means to get Sharon to love him back but all his efforts yielded no results.

Ray who was ready to do anything for Sharon was advised by his best friend Nii (Eddy Nartey) to go and see a spiritualist "Katumba" (Doris Sacketey) who gave Ray a concoction to put in Sharon’s food to seal an everlasting bond between them.

Ray happily bought a hamper and a pack of fried rice mixed with the concoction, for Sharon to eat so she will love him forever. When he went to Sharon’s house to deliver the gift, Sharon was not home and stayed out the whole night. After waiting till midnight, Ray had no choice than to leave the food to Sharon’s brother "Kelly" (Kobi of Rana fame), to deliver it to Sharon. Kelly got hungry in the night and ate the food meant for his sister. Until you watch the movie you can never know how it ended from this point.

The new movie featured predominantly new and upcoming faces, a deliberate attempt to sell the movie with a good story and great actors, not known faces, Mr Mohammed Sulley producer of the movie told media men.

“Kiss Me If You Can” is the first movie from the stables on of a new production company MUDA Films. The grand premiere of the movie will be at the National Theatre on Easter Saturday April 3, 2010. As a first attempt by an infant production house, like Muda Films, “Kiss Me If You Can” is a must watch, and a porn movie after all.