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I had problems while at Lynx Entertainment – MzVee admits

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My dearest MzVee
2020-08-02 13:02:00
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I had problems while at Lynx Entertainmet – MzVe

My Dearest MzVee, I like you alot, I mean alot, and also you're very pretty. and I found out yesterday that you're also to yourself just like me, so now let me help you. Please whatever problems you had at lyncs, please keep them to matter how you try to explain this, people will conclude that you were insecure about the rise of kidi and eugene at the time. So please please don't mention it, your previous answers concerning this question were the best, please stick to your previous answers...because once you open up about it, you're by default permitting lynx to also air out just move on from it...never repeat it again. Did I tell you I admire you. I really do, I wish you'd quit music and do something else with your life becos you're so brilliant. By the way don't listen to Bulldog and do only reggae...your song come and see my mother was far more popular than Sherif so even if you'll do reggae know what the masses want...but I wish you'll quit music totally because you're too precious. I pray you get a really good man to marry you and help you in life. I wish you all the best. Amen!

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