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Entertainment of Friday, 21 September 2018


Woman details how her towel got her a ‘good looking’ husband

Events leading to marriage proposals have of late become a pressure-packed event where the spouse, usually the man, has to be creative and personalize details of the event.

For most women, getting proposed to by the men they are in a relationship with is one that comes with all sorts of positive feelings especially happiness.

However, one woman details an awkward proposal story of how she was proposed to by her landlord.

Unfolding the happenings to relationship expert, David Papa Bondze-Mbir on his Proposal Series on Facebook, the woman who gave her name as A. Odame, said something strange started happening few weeks after her neighbour (male) moved into the quarters next to hers.

According to her, anytime she came back from work to pick her towel from the dry line she shared with her neighbour, she could smell a “strange scent in my towel” which was in no way her body odor.

After several events, she decided to take a day off so she could catch the perpetrator.

“I stayed indoors after drying my towel. I watched him take my towel, smell it, wrap it around his neck, and then was about to enter his room with it when I came out of my door. We were both surprised,” she stated.

Mrs Odame said her “shocked” neighbour confessed to liking her but the only way to get her attention was the towel. After several talks, she forgave him, he bought her new sets of towels and they became close friends.

Five months after, she realized he was the owner of the mansion after he packed all her belongings into the mansion and gave her all the keys to the house.

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