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Entertainment of Sunday, 21 September 2014

Source: D-Black

What you didn't know about D-Black

Ghanaian rapper and businessman, Desmond Blackmore; D-Black has posted the things people don’t know about him on photo blogging site Instagram.

Titled 'Twenty Things About D-Black You Didn’t Know' he dealt with the topic in two parts, and it revealed almost everything about him. Well, apart from his detailed finances and his relationship status.

Below are the two sets of twenty things you probably didn’t know about the “Vera” maker (mostly unedited):


1.I broke my virginity at age 15 the day after i finished BECE, the girl was a year older. I came in approximately 60 seconds.

2.I love jewellery, cologne & sneakers. No wait I’m obsessed. I always regret shopping outside of Ghana.! I over do it.

3.I love food too much. Guess that’s why I keep putting on weight even when I hit the gym hard. Sigh.

4.I love listening to RnB and soul music more than I do rap music. Makes me look like I soft rapper eh? Come and try .lol

5.Music was a hobby that turned into a career and revenue stream for me early in my life. I wanted to be an marketing consultant , advertiser and film director

6.I can eat fufu, chicken with abenkwan, light soup or groundnut soup every day of my life.

7.I can speak in four different accents, British, American, South African and Ghanaian. I learnt the first three from watching a lot of TV and excessive reading when I was younger.

8.I got kicked out of secondary school twice and got suspended once as well. Still a University graduate though.

9.If you are not loyal, I can never fuck with you 10. I’m attracted to women with tiny waists, neat fingernails and a phat booty.

10.I am an incredible business man.! I can sell anything I swear. I’ve made quite a truckload of money in my five years in the industry.

11.I love having my back rubbed and scratched and my hair brushed and played with. Weird I know

12. My best friend is my driver, Mr. Agyemang

13. I’m quite a shy person. I don’t like attention when it has nothing to do with work ….

14. Me is a freak in bed

15. I played both soccer and basketball for my school junior high and senior high school teams.

16. When I s**t in the mornings, its World War IV

17. Like I said , I’m a shy dude. I’ve never walked up to a girl and started chatting her up ever in my life.

18. I’ve never had a heartbreak ever in my life ??

19. Be careful of what u do or say behind my back, God is my hommie he’ll worry u o.


1. I wrote Vera whilst taking a st. It became a massive hit! I’m glad u liked my st

2. My dad was half Ghanaian, half-British; my mom is also half Ga half Akuapem So please I am a quarter cast lmao!

3. I have 2 left feet; I cannot dance to save my life. If armed robbers entered my room & told me ‘dance we won’t kill ü’, I shall be shot dead.

4. I haven’t been sick in over 10 years so please to anyone I have said to on the phone ‘oh chale I’m sick o’ please I was lying, forgive.

5. I love my fans with no limitations! I will stand and take as many pictures till @cold_chills or@franabert pull me away; I appreciate u guys big time.

6. I like kissing papa!

7. I own 4 companies. Music is the 2nd highest earner not the 1st as u might assume.

8. When it comes to cooking, I can boil rice, yam, spaghetti, fry eggs & make tea + milo (very well). Finish!

9. If someone scores me in FIFA 14 on PlayStation it pains my soul and my heart breaks.

10. I lost my six pack 6 years ago. I’ve been trying to get em back since but to no avail.

11. I’ve won 11 awards & been nominated for 49 awards in my 5 year career. B3 I’ve tried for a guy who raps in English from Ghana.

12. My 3 fave D-Black songs are Personal Person, Somebody & Woara.

13. In high school I was called Rabitto cos they said I had rabbit teeth.

14. I will not post about my love life or detailed finances on social media.

15. I got kicked out of the house for attempting to be a rapper. I used to credit beans from the beans seller in my area.

16. Sometimes I fear I’ll never be able to get married. sigh.

17. My grandmother used to brush my teeth with charcoal & kocha ( sponge) when I was younger..she said it made Ur teeth whiter. I miss her very much. RIP Grandma.

18. My fave breakfast is Koko. The one made from moori. Yes!

19. Please I hate funerals ..

20. I am a Christian & very prayerful, i owe all of my success to God almighty.

D-Black, whose Instagram address is @dblackgh has nominated six other Ghanaian celebrities to take up the challenge.

They are John Dumelo (@johndumelo1), Reggie Rockstone (@reggierockstone711), EL (@elrepgh) Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh), DJ Breezy (@djbreezygh) and his protege Joey B (@1realjoeyb).