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Entertainment of Monday, 23 December 2013

Source: Ama Larbie

What exactly are the real motives of some Ghanaian Musicians?

I have always wondered if our musicians know exactly what they say in their songs. Do they really understand what they say in their songs? Or they just sing because they want to sing to the pleasing dance moves of the rhythmic minded youth?

Recent songs include ‘Ayi’ by Criss Waddle, ‘Wooeisoormi’ by Kwaw Kese featuring Tuutulapato, ‘Kaalu’ by EL, ‘Wa tricky wo’ by Stranjah, ‘U go kill me’ and ‘Dangerous’ by Sarkodie, ‘Letter to Satan’ by Pope Skinny and the worst of all ‘Tonga’ by Joey B featuring Sarkodie among others.

All these mentioned songs either educate or inspire the soul but oh! For a fact, it really does entertain. But, must we always forget how the mind works in this generation of ours? Are our artistes obliged to merely focus on the entertaining aspect of their career and forgo the moral lessons to be learnt from their works?

I should say another reasons for the many empty songs we hear is because some of these sound engineers are economically focused, they also careless whatever lyrics are brought into their studios. Well, it’s all because of ‘l'argent’!

It baffles me how these artistes who still lie with women yet walk into a recording studio to tell them how ‘discounted’ their values are. Who lied with them and what are you the person who lied with them?

Now, let’s get down to business! The king of Akuapim, Pope Skinny seems to be now going way off the musical track. I love his style of delivering but content in his recent song; ‘Letter to Satan’ is senseless and kind of full of blames on a personality right within him.

His song ‘Question to God’ seems as practical as it is usual for a person going through tough times to question God. Everybody does it and/or has done this before, but with believe, faith and perseverance things will work out.

One must as well note that God’s plan is not same as mere mortals. I think I will need some clarifications here from Pope Skinny; did you by chance just had your songs played on various media platforms without hard work and efforts, why didn’t you give up all these while?

We are humans and can never be as perfect as our various creators hence most definitely we will have to make mistakes, struggle and learn from them. Unless, you don’t believe a creator exists.

But, blaming others for your misfortune is another huge mistake altogether. The content of ‘Letter to Satan’ is just like a man who cannot control his libido and rather choose to defile a tender aged girl yet defends himself by blaming the devil for his act.

Pope Skinny, can u humbly describe who Satan is because if there is a quote in the Christians Holy Book that says ‘we are created in our creator’s image’ then I beg to ask if really there is a supernatural being called ‘Satan’?

What happens when you are having conflict of interest in your mind as whether or not to do, go or say something? Well, whichever decision you take are personal and it outcome should be your own praise or blame because when you feel hurt and think of retaliating, you don’t expect anyone to decide for you.

Hope you do embrace yourself when things go as expected for you so why blame a non-existing ‘supernatural’ being which lives right within you when things go bad?

Oh! And that ‘raining song’ by Joey B featuring Sarkodie titled ‘Tonga’ (The Organ No Guy Avoid), simply put the Vagina. I love the rhythm to the song but I beg what is the moral lesson in there yet my Honorable Rhythmic-minded youths are so much hailing to the song, ‘all because of Tonga’!

Initially, I knew ‘Tonga’ to be a term used to describe ‘brutes’ mating but never had the slightest idea it would one day be used in describing a sex organ in the human species well known as the Vagina. Who in this world distastes sex? Ironically, every living thing sex!

Funny how most of Joey B’s single tracks like ‘Cigarette’ prefix version of ‘Sika ni abrantee’ by Ace Highlifer, Gyedu Blay Ambolley and ‘Tonga’ just a few to mention only has the entertainment aspect in them yet nothing utilitarian to learn from them. ‘Tick tock’ the rejig version of oh! Vera featuring D-Black is exceptional.

At that juncture, on behalf of the public will like to ask these musicians with empty songs of their real motive of doing music; is it for the fame or crowd following or they careless what their children will also learn from songs like theirs when their era fades?

I almost forgot to ask what they as well learn morally from their songs or it’s just for the fame and oh! Or because of l'argent!

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