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Entertainment of Thursday, 19 April 2018


What do Ghanaians think about people flaunting their 'wealth' on social media?

Some Ghanaians are not bothered about the flaunting of 'wealth' on social media play videoSome Ghanaians are not bothered about the flaunting of 'wealth' on social media

With the current trend of young men and women storming social media to flaunt their properties and money, one begins to wonder what effect these actions will have on the upcoming generation or whether there is a cause to worry.

The need to display one’s material possession also seems to have become a competition with individuals trying to outshine each other on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

From celebrities to social media slay queens, “wannabes” to entrepreneurs, the phenomenon has gone from the ordinary to the bizarre.

Whilst some display wads of cash, flashy expensive cars and houses, others are seen wearing multi-million dollar watches, shoes, neck chains and clothes.

But this, according to some Ghanaians is expected of these individuals as they deserve to spend their money freely.

Some who spoke to said, it was actually not a bother to them.

They maintain, society must rather stop judging such individuals or asking for the source of their wealth, as everyone is entitle to some level of freedom in Ghana.