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Wendy Shay's 'dumb question' apology has vindicated me - MzGee opens up

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Media Personality, MzGee has reflected on her infamous encounter with singer Wendy Shay which inundated social media like a tsunami years back.

It could be recalled that the Wendy Shay, two years ago, walked off an interview with MzGee after labeling her line of questions as ''dumb''.

MzGee had asked ''who is Wendy Shay?'' but the question seemed to have provoked Wendy and, in her reply, took a swipe at the Presenter.

''Who am I as Wendy Shay? Okay can we cut the question. Ewww this is a dumb question isn’t it? Who is Wendy Shay? I don’t want to do the interview anymore'', she fired back.

Looking back on the incident, MzGee in an interview on Nkonkonsa YouTube channel recounted the impact it had on her media career.

According to her, the incident helped her to see the true colors of her own media colleagues and other people as well as those who claimed to be her loved ones and friends were the ones who hit hard on her.

She stated that she had no ill intent towards Wendy to have warranted her outburst but she was more shocked by the character of the people within the media circles who she thought would have known better that her interview with the singer was without malice.

''It's the first big backlash I had gotten...I began to realize that no matter what you do, nobody will be for you and no matter what you do also, you should be open to criticism and then begin to ask yourself, did I do anything wrong? And, in the case of Wendy...I can tell you for a fact that I didn't have any malice at all...In this industry, not everybody will love you because industry folks were also part of the people who were criticizing and so you begin to realize that not everybody will like you but let time vindicate you. And time did vindicate me.''

However, she feels vindicated now because Wendy Shay, with the benefit of hindsight, later apologized to her which put her critics to shame.

To MzGee, most celebrities entangle themselves by their own utterances and activities and therefore advised them to stop behaving like journalists are on a mission to destroy them.

Watch the full interview below: