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Was Adam in the Bible circumcised? - Rossy replies critics

Rossy Rossy

After being criticized severely for revealing her intentions of marrying an uncircumcised man, well-versed entertainment pundit and publicist,Rosemond Larweh aka Rossy has replied her critics by questioning whether Adam in the Bible was circumcised:

"Dr.Who,please let me ask a question? Was Adam who happens to be the first man on earth circumcised?

"I don't comprehend why am being criticized for sharing my view. So does it mean if you are an uncircumcised man you shouldn't marry or get a woman to love you?", Rossy opined to Dr.Who, host of 'hot and classic showbiz review on Accra-based Hot Fm.

Rossy,who was again criticized for indicating that circumcision is a major cause of impotency,shared a sad story to back her claims;

"There is this hospital I wouldn't mention the name but its at Osu in Accra here--a baby was circumcised but for almost about a week he couldn't pass urine.

"So the mother took him back to the hospital, it was then revealed that the circumcision was shabbily done. "The nurse who did the circumcision after being confronted by the baby's mother apologized and an operation was carried on the baby'

"So You see ,though the baby can now urinate well, it may still have serious complications on the baby when he becomes a man. This is why I said circumcision is a major cause of impotence," Rossy affirmed passionately.

She added that, she is not against circumcision, but she is just not enthused with the manner in which uncircumcised men are stigmatised .

Rossy, who is currently working on her Showbiz TV show called "The Rossy's Show", again advised women not to frown on uncircumcised men though according to her, her boyfriend is circumcised