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Entertainment of Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Throwback to when Eno Barony appeared on stage in a coffin

Eno Barony appeared in a coffin play videoEno Barony appeared in a coffin

One of the elements that complements an artiste is stagecraft and Eno Barony indeed earned plaudits for that three years ago when she performed at Ghana Meets Naija.

Her props and entry caught the attention of the audience, left them in suspense with many expressing shock after discovering the female rapper took a bold step to lie in a coffin in the name of showbiz.

With lights in the auditorium dimmed and later going off, leaving the space dark, the audience could only see a lantern moving across the stage while horrific sound effects play in the background – setting the mood for what could best be described as an encounter with the devil.

As the stage got a bit illumined, some individuals clad in black hooded cloaks could be seen pulling a coffin. They opened the coffin, chanted and evoked her spirit to arise. The horrific sound at this point would grow steadily; a loud rumbling sound is heard as she stood erect and stepped out from the coffin to spit bars.

Three years on and rapper Medikal has taken a dig at Eno Barony, likening her to a corpse.

Eno Barony is said to have slammed Medikal in her 'Argument Done' upon suggestions that he wrote 'You Got Nerves' for Sista Afia.

'You Got Nerves' was a song directed at Eno and Freda Rhymz, according to analysts, as both rappers had released songs as responses to Sista Afia's 'WMT' which was released earlier.

The duo did not take it lightly when Sista Afia, who is known to be a singer claimed she was the best rapper amongst females.

Amidst speculations his ‘Nonsense’ track could be a response to Eno’s jab for which reason the female rapper has also scheduled the release of ‘Force Them To Play Nonsense’ as a counter, Medikal in a tweet said he would use his time judiciously than engage in a lyrical battle.

The statement, however, did not come without a jab as the Tuesday tweet read: “Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, especially when the person looks like corpse. Issa dead tin.”

The tweet elicited a clap back from Eno Barony. Replying to the jab, she said “no be today I be corpse bro. I was born dead.”