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Entertainment of Thursday, 23 April 2020


The glaring jab Sista Afia threw at Sister Derby in ‘WMT’ song

Sister Derby [L]; Sista Afia [R] play videoSister Derby [L]; Sista Afia [R]

Music lovers should perhaps be bracing themselves for a lyrical beef between two ‘sisters’ because it’s been served sizzling and spicy with the release of ‘WMT’ by Sista Afia.

Arming herself for the battle, Sista Afia, known to be a singer, grabbed a hip-hop beat from Chensee Beats to display the other side of her. Her first punch was a caution to her colleagues who claim to be bosses but in reality are bunch of garbage and toddlers in the game.

More shots were fired from the artiste who appeared to be on heat as she touted her prowess while postulating that some colleagues claiming to be talented “create fake trends” to remain relevant.

Although she does not mention personalities in the song, some bars, when deciphered appear to be a subliminal shot at musician Sister Derby.

“Wo ex nfii wo a, na adane diss song. Sia ba!” she rapped – to wit – You resort to recording a diss song when your ex continuously snubs you. Fool!

There is more!

She continued: “Wope aware a, fa wo size. Gyae nkwadaa no na fa wo height. Ato wo ne mpena dada nwom. Sweetie Sweetie; onua pe wo size” – translated as ‘If you wish to marry, go for your mate. Leave the kids alone and rather go in for your age mate. You’re now singing songs about your ex. Sweetie sweetie; date/marry your age mate.’

How is it a dig at Sister Derby? Here we go!

Fella Makafui was back in the Twitter trends following the release of her single ‘Over’ – a song some have said was directed at Sister Derby.

The fast-tempo song came few days after Derby, ex-girlfriend of rapper Medikal who is now married to Fella Makafui, released a song titled ‘Sweet Ex’. Before the release of ‘Sweet Ex’, 35-year-old Derby had in a post sent best wishes to Medikal on his 26th birthday which fell on Sunday, April 5.

“Happy birthday my sweet ex,” the caption of an old photograph which captured Medikal planting a kiss on Derby’s cheek read.

That was not all! Derby on April 12 released a song titled ‘Sweet ex’ produced by Deelaw Beatz.

“I don’t want your man for anything ooo. I’m just greeting him ooo. Don’t be beating him ooo. I’m not eating him ooo. Sweet ex,” she sang.

The age factor?

Well, in July 2016, Derby and Medikal confirmed they were dating despite the ten-year age gap between them. The female singer is ten years older than the rapper! While Medikal is 26, Derby is 36.