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Music of Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

The Time Came At The 12th Album...Cecilia Marfo

The Holy Spirit filled the studios of TV Africa on Wednesday evening during the Run Down show, when Cecelia Marfo the gospel musician was hosted.

Rundown host Yaw Sakyi felt the presence of the Holt Spirit when the gospel diva, Cecilia Marfo, changed the atmosphere of Rundown and positively influenced the host to listen to her uninterrupted for ten minutes-forty seconds as she delivered a powerful speech through her song.

The journey has been long, it not as if I want to make up stories but trust me the journey has been long and I know that many will think this is my first album but Yaw believe me this is the twelve album Cecilia Marfo stressed on.

Yaw Sakyi’s question was very simple, “so what inspired the hit song, AFOMMOBA’”.

Cecilia Marfo explained that her pastor and her picked the song up from the Bible, Matthew 21, her pastor will fix a keyboard/piano and sat down with her as they planned the song but they suffered on countless times before recording the song.

She also added that patience for the Lord is the Key to every answer missing in the world. When people heard the breakthrough of the song, they want to come closer but before people used to laugh at me, my family and the pastor.

'The story is so bad that, one could not enter my room where I lived with the family, with a pregnant stomach and my little kids, I used to feed from leftovers food inside Kumasi market, Cecilia added passionately.

Still not interrupted by the host of Rundown Yaw Sakyi, Cecilia also added that times were bad to the extent that she and her family could not attend any local church in their area simply because she wanted to beg for money from other churches.

To make matters worse for her, Cecilia said that, she visited some churches to sing for them, but because she was looking so rugged the church did not allow her to perform, but today, churches are calling on her to grace their temples. Cecilia who performed her breakthrough hit ‘Afommoba’ among others on The Rundown was very optimistic that the door has opened and no matter how the devil tries it will not close.

In fact if Yaw Sakyi had allowed her to go on she would have done a sixty minutes live gospel show, creating thousands of thousands of songs because she is very talented.

One significant thing about Cecilia is that, she sounded the same on her CD, making her better off than others.

“To conclude her performance and the interview, Cecilia made it known that giving up in life is not the key but keeping on keeping on in whatever clean business you are involved in is the answer.

Her final words to the whole Christian community and the general public was that, if a little more effort will be added to that prayer time and the patience, God of Abraham will surely open the flood gate of heaven, causing rains upon rains at your feet.

Yaw Sakyi could not have said nothing than, “thank you for coming Cecilia and now that the gate has open, we believe God will bless more things”, Amen