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Teshie to the world - Rolly Panda talks about ‘Fear Man’

Ghanaian artist, Rolly Panda Ghanaian artist, Rolly Panda

Born Hayford Adjorlolo, Rolly Panda is a Ghanaian artist based in one of Accra’s coastal suburbs ‘Teshie’.

He learned music at an early age in church and went on to get a degree in Theatre Arts & Music from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Rolly draws inspiration from the likes of Obrafour, Lord Kenya and more and describes his sound as ‘the authentic Ghanaian highlife with a blend of SOCA.’

He is out with a new single titled ‘Fear Man’ and he sat down with Muse Africa for an exclusive conversation to talk about himself, his inspiration, and his new song.

Who is Rolly Panda?

Rolly Panda is a Ghanaian Beat Maker, Afrobeat, and highlife artiste based in Teshie-Accra known in real life as Hayford Adjorlolo.

How did music start for you?

Music started with me from the church, at the age of seven, I started playing drums (conga) for the church choir A.M.E Zion Church to be precise. It was there I found my love (music).

I started learning raps and performing songs from the likes of Obrafuor, Lord Kenya, BUKBAK, and 4X4 at funerals and parties. In Ghanata secondary school, I started recording my own demos and performing my own songs at entertainment and funfairs,

I won BEST IN HIPLIFE at the “inter-schools Xmas Fiesta”. Fast forward to the University of Ghana I offered performing Art (Theatre Arts & Music) that was where I got to understand music and performance and here we are dropping bangers

How will you describe your sound?

My sound is the authentic Ghanaian highlife with a blend of SOCA. Luckily for me, I produce my own beat so I try to fuse “borborbor” in programming my drums, mostly my congas and toms, with my live guitars and my vibes in English, Twi, Ewe and Ga you would just know this sound is from Africa precisely Ghana.

Who or what has been your inspiration?

My inspiration has been my day to day dealings with people, life experiences, for example, my new song “Fear Man” is a true-life story. I get inspiration from everything around me.

What have been your hurdles in music?

Hurdles? (Humm), Lemme be honest, every aspect of music involves money, money, and more money. Let’s take it from scratch, going to the studio to record, shooting a music video, promotion is the part that involves more money lol… as a young Artiste coming up if you don’t have an investor then that’s where frustration sets in.

What inspired your song, Fear Man?

So, I was having my morning devotion one day and I came across this bible quotation. MICAH 7: 5 (Don’t trust your neighbour, don’t confide in your friend. Watch your words, even with your spouse) I was really touched, and upon sober reflection on my life and how friends and family put me in difficult situations I felt God was speaking to me directly. There have been series of events where people u trust would just betray u. There I got the verse in the song ( no stranger go fit (to) hurt you, ego be your family and friends) so I quickly run to my studio programmed the beat, and started recording, I didn’t even write any lyrics, I was just singing, I felt I was possessed … by the time I finished I got FEAR MAN.

What should fans look out for in 2021?

2021 is all about music music music good music for that matter. Thanks to everybody supporting me, trust me your support is not in vain. We winning together.