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Surviving gory accident: The story of event organizer Nabil Alhassan

Event organizer Nabil Alhassan Event organizer Nabil Alhassan

Chief Executive Officer of Event Factory Ghana, Nabil Alhassan has recounted his ordeal as regards a motor accident he was involved in years ago.

Taking his turn on Hitz FM’s ‘This Is Gospel’, the astute event organizer mentioned that the said incident occurred in January 2001 when he was expected to send his credentials to his uncle who was then in Switzerland.

His uncle, he said, was supposed to facilitate a move to secure him a football team overseas as he had a burning desire to have a career in soccer.

Unfortunately, he missed that opportunity when a motorbike he was riding collided with a vehicle.

“I used to be a sound engineer in church. One Saturday morning, I went to Barima Sidney. I was using a motorbike, we rode in town and came back to his house. He was riding and I was on the back... I came back home, took a shower and I was going back to church. When I got to Achimota, I had an accident. I was on the motorbike, I crashed with the car,” he told host Franky 5 while stating that he felt no pain when the accident occurred.

According to him, a number of people gathered at the accident scene to express sympathy. Nabil said he was later taken to the hospital for treatment.

“When we got to 37 Military Hospital, I had a small cut on my knee. My hand was under my knee so I took my hand off and I saw a lot of blood… I tried pulling my trousers and I saw a very big gap. My kneecap had been dislocated and I had a big cut there… They took me to the theatre. I woke up in the morning; I was at the intensive care,” he narrated.

“For two months, I couldn’t walk. I was at the hospital and I told myself ‘I need to leave here; this is not the place for me’. I prayed to God and asked that he comes through for me. One morning, I woke up and the doctor was standing close to my bed… He said they should prepare me for theatre tomorrow. I prayed to God that ‘…I don’t want to come back here…’ I went to the theatre, came back and I was fit,” he wrapped up his narration.

Although the gravity of his injury was profound, Nabil stated that the incident affirmed his belief in God.

He said: “It made me understand who God is. I don’t feel sad that I had an accident that kept me in the hospital for four months. I don’t say that was the worse day of my life because it was for the good.”