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Entertainment of Saturday, 31 March 2018


Sumsum blasts 'ugly' Archipalago for insulting Shatta Wale

Kumawood actor Sunsum play videoKumawood actor Sunsum

Kumawood actor Sunsum has taken jabs at a close pal of Shatta Wale, Archipalago, over comments the latter made in a Facebook Live video a few days ago.

Archipalago who is known by many to be a very close friend of Shatta Wale has not been enthused about recent utterances in the media attributed to Shatta Wale and advised Ghanaians and acquaintances of the self-acclaimed dancehall king to take him to the psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

In the Facebook video in response to insults hurled at him for criticizing the dancehall king, he accused Ghanaians of hailing a nonentity who is going bonkers but no one is making an effort to ensure he gets immediate medical attention to rectify his condition.

‘‘Ah can’t you people see Shatta Wale is going mad? Take him to a psychiatric hospital before it’s late. He is fooling and you are looking at him. He is not normal and urgently needs attention at Ankaful,” Archipalago said in the video

This didn’t go down well with an ardent fan of Shatta Wale, Kumawood actor Sunsum, who has taken to YouTube to record a series of insults aimed at Archipalago.

In the video, Sunsum called Archipalago a broke ‘nobody’ who was made ‘somebody’ with the help of Shatta Wale. He accused Archipalago of being ungrateful and forgetting to show respect after everything Shatta wale had done for him.

“Archipalago, let me tell you something, we were all in Kumasi, you were broke just like myself... thanks to Shatta Wale that you were able to go to the United States, you are popular because of Shatta Wale, look at your face, how handsome are you? And now you have the audacity to betray Shatta Wale. Big ups to you Shatta, Archipalago you fool,” Susum fired.

Archipalago has denied claims that Shatta Wale helped him to travel to the United States of America in a separate video.