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Entertainment of Monday, 31 August 2020


Should we tag you a liar since you want to be a politician? - Arnold queries Yvonne Nelson

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, and actress Yvonne Nelson Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, and actress Yvonne Nelson

Entertainment Pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has scolded actress Yvonne Nelson for attacking politicians in the country.

Yvonne Nelson, in a series of tweets, says politicians are all liars and full of deceit, therefore calling on the youth not to repose confidence in them.

Ironically, the actress and film producer has announced her intent to become a politician and there is news that she is currently studying a politics-related course to prepare her for her political ambition.

Looking at her tweets, it is very clear Yvonne doesn't trust the political system she wants to join.

“You see how hard it is to even acquire a passport? You go bribe tireah! Yeaa! Most of your leaders don’t even have their kids in Ghana! They don’t even believe in the system they are running!

“They are LIARS! Playing with our minds every 4 years! Don’t stress charley! Focus on your life, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary fights and arguments. They need you this year, next year you be borla''

''As for our LEADERS, biggest disappointment. I had so much faith in them charley! They are all the same! Just doesn’t make sense! The country belongs to special families every 4 years! God have mercy!

''If you seriously think a POLITICIAN cares about you, you are in lala land! Our GENERATION gotta do better! Whatever happens in the future, having that politician tag on me will be heavy! That title is DIRTY, i’d rather you call me YN the people’s SERVANT'', her tweets read.

Speaking on Peace FM's ''Entertainment Review'' in relation to Yvonne's assertions, Arnold Baidoo asked the question that probably is on the minds of many Ghanaians to ask the actress following her tweets.

"If you have this idea or this conception about politicians and their sector, why would you even want to go there in the first place?", he quizzed.

Expressing his dissent over the tweets, Arnold further asked Yvonne that "in 2024, if you finally declare your intention to actually stand or be a politician, should others also tag you as a liar?"

"I felt that posture is quite unfortunate," he added.