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Entertainment of Saturday, 22 May 2021


She bakes and she sings – Meet Kafui Chordz

Kafui Chordz is a young Ghanaian singer Kafui Chordz is a young Ghanaian singer

Kafui Chordz is a young Ghanaian singer, who blends her budding musical career with baking some of the finest pastries in Accra.

Blessed with silky vocals, Kafui is also blessed with magic hands, as her baking business named Taste 233, is gradually taking shape.

Currently being fueled by love and passion to do music, Kafui Chordz is patiently waiting for her breakthrough.

Her most recent single is a beautiful collaboration with reggae and dancehall singer Solid K titled ‘Me Ne Woa’.

She is currently working on her EP and she sits down with Muse Africa to talk about her journey, sound, business, and what fans should expect.

How would you describe Kafui Chordz to the world?

Kafui Chordz is a singer, songwriter, and performing artiste. She also owns a small business that’s solely into baked goods and confectionery.

How did you get the name Chordz and what does it signify?

Growing up, I knew I had a knack for music so I took up the challenge to learn the piano, and there I decided to use the term “Chordz” as in musical chords as part of my pseudonym in a way to make me stand out.

How did music start for you?

Apart from music being an innate thing, and also from the fact that I come from a family that loves music, my interest in it grew during my Sunday-School days and during the extracurricular activities of my primary school days.

You are a blend of different sounds, how will you describe it?

I would say that the kind of music one listens to tends to rub off on you as you mature and by the time you’re ready to write and record your own music you start realizing that all the songs you’ve ever listened to automatically start to influence your sound and performance in a very significant way hence the reason for my blend of different sounds.

Who or what has been your inspiration?

Life’s daily occurrences, situations, and things that happen around me inspire me. I also look up to musicians such as Asa, Jimi Hope, Emile Sandé, Kojo Antwi, Eminem, Nas, Usher, Ne Yo, and a few others.

What have been your hurdles in music?

My hurdles in this music journey are the ones that have been plaguing the music industry as a whole even before I started mine. These hurdles are mainly related to the business and financial side of things. We have very good up and coming musicians like myself self-funding every aspect of our music and because of the inability of copyright, artiste rights, and artiste royalties systems not functioning effectively in Ghana, we are left with earnings that are close to nothing from all the hard work we put into making music. This is a major hurdle that hinders artiste development in Ghana. If you’re fortunate and are able to acquire the help of a Record Label or financial backing from an Executive Producer, then you might be able to overcome this problem. If not, you’re on your own. The only motivation I have that pushes me to still pursue music is the love and passion I have for it.

You have a single, that I really love ‘Me ne woa’ featuring Solid K, how did that collaboration happen?

A mutual friend of ours, Eli, linked us up and thought we could do something awesome together. After we vibed for a while, magic (ME NE WOA) happened.

Tell me about your business Taste 233?

Taste 233 is a small Ghanaian baked goods business founded in 2020 by Celestine Agropah in Accra.

What should fans look out for in 2021?

I’m working on an EP this year. Will be working with quite a host of producers to bring out very authentic African-inspired music. Y’all should keep your fingers crossed for the best.